Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras

What’s the Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras ?

Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras – 20th Century. An era of science and technology, invention and discovery, gadgets and gears. From our smartphones to smart homes, everything has developed tremendously.

However, this development of technology also increased crime, hacking, and security issues. So, people are turning into extra security, round-the-clock surveillance.

Security cameras and surveillance cameras are two blessings of modern technology that provide perfect protection to property possessors.

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However, are security cameras and surveillance cameras the same? Or is there any difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera?

Security camera

Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras transfer signals from a certain area to an exact monitor placed at a distant location. They are great for your home protection.

Here are some pros and cons of security cameras.


· Activity Observer – A security camera helps you to keep track of suspicious visitors in your area. You can also monitor the activities of people in your home or office.

· Crime Evidence Provider – It records many criminal acts and can track criminal’s track with its high audio and visual quality. If you put a camera strategically, you can monitor the words and acts of many dubious characters.

· Criminality reducer – This is one significant benefit of a security camera. Nowadays, most of the houses and workplaces install security cameras for their protection. This scary sight discourages many ill-minded people to do any criminal activity as they know their activities are monitored and recorded. It renders a solution to decrease the crime rate in many areas.


· Privacy Compromised – Security cameras compromise the privacy of staff in the office areas. Many staffs have the notion that their employee does not trust them.

However, it is better to install security cameras. It will deter any criminal act in office areas.

· Vulnerability to Hack – Criminals and other intruders become more tech-savvy for the advancement of technologies. So, many are capable of identifying the real or fake cameras. Additionally, they also know ways to disconnect or disable the power source of the camera.

· Costs – Dummy cameras are cheap. But the real cameras are costly to install and maintain.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras, also known as automatic number plate recognition systems, are becoming popular day by day. It works on an IP network that connects the camera from a distant area and transfers the video to the secure area.

If security cameras are criminal discourager, surveillance cameras are criminal catcher.

These cameras are perfect for surveillance activities as they can record longer footage. So, the law enforcement squads are huge fans of surveillance cameras.

Let see some pros and cons of surveillance cameras.


· Crime Rate Reducer – When criminals see any surveillance cameras, even in public areas, they think twice committing any crimes. This tremendously reduces the crime rate in many criminal-act areas.

· Public Protector – Surveillance cameras are put in public places  like a crossroad, malls, and parking lots which prevent and deter criminal acts. For their excellent surveillance solution, they are the true public protector.

· Monitoring Convenience – Surveillance cameras are easy to monitor. As long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor and see the feed anytime and from anywhere.


· Inflated Installation – Surveillance cameras are costly to install as you have to buy the system accessories separately. Repairing is not cheap either.

· Easy Exploitation – People can misuse and abuse surveillance cameras put in public places. Collecting the feed, one can easily blackmail the other person.

· Complex – If you are not tech-savvy, using the surveillance cameras can be robot science for you. To get the full potential, you need to learn how they work.

Remember, as an ordinary citizen, you are not permitted to install surveillance cameras. You need a certain permit from the government and a justified reason to put surveillance cameras on your property.

Why Choosing Us

Surveillance cameras and security cameras, both are public protectors and peace providers. May it be your home, business, or any public place, these systems can increase the security level excellently. In New York City, TM SECURITY Inc. is one reliable security system provider that will surely satisfy you with their excellent service.


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