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It offers you security and convenience by controlling the entrance into your residential building, business or office space or building management.
Any business or organization with medium to heavy foot traffic will particularly benefit from access control.
An access control system offers you the ability to control who comes into your building at any point in time is critically important for the security, safety, and health of those who work or spend time in a facility.

Integrated Security Systems NY

2) Intercom Systems:

It enhances the security of companies, residential buildings and business establishments by integrating it with other devices such as surveillance cameras.

TM Security offer wide a range of intercom Systems:
>> Audio/Video Intercom Systems,
>> Wireless (IP Based)
or Wired Intercom Systems,

>> Telephone Entry Systems,

>> Doorbell Buzzer Systems,

>> Room to Room Intercom,

>> Office Intercom,

>> Broadcast Intercom,

>> Intercom Repairs.



Indoor and Outdoor, surveillance cameras become the essential solution for safety, security, insurance compliance and even liability reduction.

View the remote live feed of security cameras and monitor your premises, anytime, anywhere using your smartphone, PC or tablet, with our top-of-the-line security camera systems.

From residential buildings to offices and businesses, commercial spaces and governmental, hospitality, healthcare and educational facilities.

TM Security works with:

_ Network IP Cameras,

_ Wireless Cameras,

_ Outdoor Securit, Cameras,

_ Indoor Security Cameras,

_ CCTV Cameras,

_ Night Vision Cameras,

_ Vandal-Proof Cameras,

_ HD Cameras,

_ PTZ Cameras,

_ Thermal Cameras.

Security Cameras For My Business
Best Home Security Camera System

4) Integrated Security Systems:

TM Security can design and implement a scalable integrated security solution that works the most for your needs.
Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that uses different components and threads them into one. 
From physical security hardware to advanced identity management systems, surveillance systems, intercom systems and more, an integrated security system takes multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one robust, efficient and remotely accessible platform.

For example:

_ Access control solutions.

_ Security cameras and video surveillance systems.

_ Intercom systems.

Door hardware – magnetic locks, electric strikes, keypads and exit devices.

The Best Security Solutions in NYC

Integrated security systems, or security systems that leverage new technologies like smart sensors to create an all-in-one “security hub,” are making it easier than ever for an enterprise to secure assets both on- an off-line.
While every company’s security situation is different, this factors tend to hold true for most modern enterprises, regardless of industry.

1: Customized solutions for your business.

2: Ensure your company’s physical security.

3: Integrated security systems are easy to use.

4: Save money while improving security.

5: Prevent theft.

6: Monitor your security system in real time

7: Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.

5) Structured Cableling:

TM Security is ready to work with you, whether in a new construction project that needs to be fully cabled or an existing building or office that only needs a few additional data drops, we can provide you with all your structured cabling and wiring needs.
TM Security has extensive experience and expertise in providing professional voice & data network cabling and wiring services to all industries.

Our cabling and wiring services includes:

Network & Data Cabling.
– We design and configure systems of seamless communication and integration between IT devices, using fibre optic, cat 5e and cat6 cables.

Structured Cabling.
– We use industry standardized layouts for office backbone connections using fibre optic, CAT5e and CAT6e cables.

Server Rack Cabling.
 – Labeled and professionally organized cabling that revolves around data center racks.

Cable and Wiring Repair Services.
– Diagnosis and repair of problems, as well as upgrades and enhancements of existing cabling systems.


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