Security Camera Installation For Home

We understand the need for security is different for everyone, and to some people, it might do not matter at all. But either you agree or not, maintaining security can save you from so many accidents!

Like offices & industries, your home also needs a security camera installation to protect your family and the valuables present there. Even if you live alone, you still need to install in within your premises because you’d never want anyone to peek into you!

Therefore, we give you some guidance on installing the home security, according to your home and the spaces you live in.

1) Front Door:

There’s a misconception that intruders intrude your space from the back or via the windows. What we don’t know is that 35% of burglars intrude from the front door!

So why not secure most of our place to keep our family and ourselves safe? Get the home security camera installation now, and if you’re in NYC, then come to us to get it done!

2) Back & Side Door:

Gates that are away from the front door permits guests to enter undetected, if they’re welcomed or not. To guarantee full information on every individual who enters and leaves, add cameras to your secondary entryways, particularly on the off chance that one of them is utilized as frequently or more regularly than your front entryway, or if one (like a basement gate) appears to be especially alluring or available to an outside intruder.

Therefore, get the home security cameras installed on the back & side door and ensure your safety!

3) Stairway OR Hallway:

Besides the entryways, place the camera in the main hallway inside your home as it will detect everything. In case that someone breaks into your house and escapes from the front or back door’s cameras, they can’t escape the main hallway camera!

Get it installed for your peace and security.

4) Outside:

Placing a camera outside your yard’s premises can help you detect the activity outside your house. It can also assist you to keep an eye on your kid’s activity.

In NYC, you can get the home security camera installation from

5) Common areas within your house:

Installing a camera within your house, like the kitchen or living room, can allow you to keep an eye on your kids to know if they’re doing what they are supposed to do; also, either the maid and the housekeeper are working, and the baby sitter, too, to know if they’re doing their job properly or not.

Another most important feature that you should keep a check on is either your security camera technician places the camera in DORI or not. DORI is Detection Observation Recognization Identification distance, which would allow the camera to recognize the activity properly. If not placed according to the DORI, then you might miss the proper view of the camera.

Although home security camera installation is an important part of maintaining security, some places within your house don’t need any camera, and you should avoid installing the camera there. The places that you should avoid installing cameras are your neighbour’s private area & spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

You might urge to keep an eye on your children or elderly folks due to some reasons, but there are alternatives that you can use.

You can place baby monitors within your child’s room. Also, motion detection & glass break sensors can be used as a home security system connected to windows or doors.

Personal medical alerts are the smart choice for older people.

Keep yourself safe & your family protected in the best way by installing home security cameras around the important spaces of your house!

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