Integrated Security Systems NY

Integrated Security Systems NY

Why Integrated Security Systems NY is Essential for Your Office

An integrated security system is a combination of multi-layered security systems put together into one solution. At TM Security, we design and install a scalable integrated security solution to make your office a secure place to work in. We provide the following security systems in our integrated package:

• Video surveillance

• Uniformed guard service

• Access control

• PA system

• Intrusion alarm

Our multi-layered security systems are robust and efficient, and you can access them remotely. TM Security believes that you shouldn’t ignore business security because you never know when intruders are waiting to break in.

Importance of integrity security systems

Many have already faced serious consequences after taking their business security lightly. We request you not to follow that path. Here are a few reasons why we think integrated security systems NY is a must for your office:

1. Efficiency

Running a business means taking care of different departments efficiently. But it becomes challenging to oversee everything every day. With an integrated security system, you create opportunities to make the most of various employees’ expertise in your office. For example, you can assign someone to store the security footage from the surveillance cameras or make an employee responsible for maintaining intrusion alarms. It helps to divide the job among experts to increase efficiency at work and you don’t have to oversee everything alone.

2. Centralization

Our integrated security system brings your business security operations under one roof. A centralized system allows you to manage your business security from your office. Most importantly, you can get full reports of all your security systems together instead of receiving individual reports. This is a huge time-saver for business owners. It allows you to organize your work, while increasing the security in your office.

3. Theft prevention

The primary job of integrated security systems NY is to prevent theft from your office. Intruders, both online and offline, wait for the slightest of gaps so that they can break in. But our integrated security system won’t let that happen. We can come to your office to see what type of security systems would suit best. Accordingly, we will tailor-make your integrated security solution so that you don’t have to worry about security breaches. From identity management systems to physical security hardware, we have all the tools to fortify your office. We assure you that once we integrated these systems into one platform, no intruder can break in easily.

4. Real-time monitoring

Many people say that multiple security systems are better because business owners can see everything right from their offices. True enough. But business owners may not spend all the time in their offices. They have to travel to other cities or meet new people to expand their businesses. That means they can’t monitor their security systems. With integrated security systems NY, you can monitor everything in real-time. You can use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to check what’s going on in and around your office even if you are a hundred miles away. If you see anything suspicious, you can contact the nearby police right away.

5. Save money

Spending on a variety of security solutions individually may turn out to be expensive. You also need to think of maintaining these gadgets so that they run smoothly for years. TM Security’s integrated security system is an all-in-one system that helps you save money in the long-run. Remember, we put various security solutions in one place. This prevents you from spending on different security systems. You can compare the prices of surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, and other security solutions and then compare with our integrated security unit. We assure you that other companies can’t beat our price.

6. Multi-layered security

An integrated security system contains multi-layered security components threaded into one. Our layered security system includes a combination of commercial access control, alarm notifications, audio-based intrusion detection, video monitoring, and fire and smoke detection. This helps to protect your office from intruders and keep your business and workers safe.

If you want to give integrated security systems a shot, do call us at 212-470-0194. We can set up a meeting to know your requirements and accordingly set up the security system in your office.

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Integrated Security Systems NY

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