How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System?

Amazing Article About How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System? Suppose you are having a leisurely time on a lethargic day. Sitting on your couch watching your favorite TV show. Suddenly the doorbell!!! With great turmoil, you get up from your couch and open the door, only to find a salesman selling a jar full of edible glitters. Isn’t it lovely!!!

We can definitely understand your frustration. The good news is you can avoid this occurring with only one step. Insert an intercom system.

Intercom system is one blessing of modern technology. You can see who is outside your door and track the access of your visitors with this system.

Now if you already have an intercom system but broken, replace it soon. However, to replace it, you need to know where to go and how much it costs?

Replacing an Intercom System

Modern life is busy and hectic. It is almost impossible to get some solitude moments. An intercom system provides you the peace of mind informing you who is knocking at your door. With an increasing crime rate, it also provides you with some extra protection.

Now if you find your intercom system is not working and is broken, then it is worrisome. Better replace your system.

However, do you know the cost to replace an intercom system? Or how does it work?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System?

Intercom systems come with many features and specifications. They affect the cost much.

An intercom service with an audio and visual system costs more than an audio model. Then there is the model. Depending on your choice: a hard-wired or wireless model, your cost is determined.

You can integrate your model with a mobile or install a touchpad or key-fob entry system. There is also a selection of exterior finish such as polished steel or brass. You can also have panels with labels and engraving. All your choices will affect the cost of your system.

Your cost also depends on how technologically new and advanced the model is. The more advanced it is the more price you pay.

Generally the cost of replacing an intercom system is mostly depending on your requirements.

Different Intercom Prices

The actual price to replace an intercom system mainly depends on the system type. Several features are there: If it is a wireless one or a hard-wired, manually controlled or by a remote, and so on.


It is the most secure and reliable method with no interference and network failure. Connected by electrical wiring to your telephone line, it is installed in a fitted location in your home. However, it is the most expensive one that costs around $400.


This battery-operated system is the easiest to install. It depends mainly on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G radio waves. The two advantages of wireless systems are:

  • the master units are portable
  • provide long-range transmissions

Depending on the quality of the model.

Video Wireless

No more trips to the door if you have a video wireless system. They usually cost $500-$800. Now you can keep a vigilant watch outside your home.

Music Transmission

An intercom system with music distribution adds extra enchantment in your home. $1000 per room, they are pretty costly though.

How does an Intercom System work?

With an intercom system, you have an audio and visual link, eyes and ears of your house. It connects the exterior front door unit to the internal master control panel. The door station has a microphone and a speaker to speak and listen to your visitor.

If anyone presses the doorbell, the front door unit gives a signal to the master station to on the full power mode. Now you can communicate with your visitor and see them clearly.

Checklist Afore Replacing your Intercom System

Before replacing your system consider these key takeaways to get the best deal.

  • Choose a model that suits your need
  • Check if the company provides a free survey of  your property to select the best system for you
  • Check if the price includes installation, a warranty, or any type of service.
  • If the working hour is suitable for you
  • How long they will take to replace your system

In modern era of busy life and insecure surroundings, an intercom system provides you security and peace of mind. TM SECURITY is a premium security solution that is based in New York City and offers efficient and excellent services at affordable cost. So, without any confusion contact them today.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Intercom System?

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