Best Home Security System

Best Home Security System

Amazing Article About The Best Home Security System

Best Home Security System Do you have problems when it comes to securing your home from intruders? If you do, then we have the solution to fix your problem. Our company provides an advanced home security system that would protect you from being invaded by dangerous individuals and secure your important valuables such as artwork, money, expensive gadgets, and collectibles.

You won’t have to worry about installing our security system because we will send you our security experts. They are backed up with years of experience and training regarding the installation and configuration of security systems, and they will do this job for you.

What does the best home security system include?

Our home security system works by securing all the possible entry points of your home, like your doors and windows, and it secures your important valuables as well. For your security system to provide perfect security, it must include a network of integrated electronic devices that works together with a central control unit.

When you plan to have our home security system installed on your home, our professionals will install the following on your premises:

• A control unit that primarily controls the home security system
• Interior and exterior motion sensors
• Wired or wireless security cameras (depends on your preference)
• Door and window sensors
• Security yard signs
• An alarm or siren
• Remote application (for mobile use)

How will our home security system protect you?

Our best home security system will be focusing on the entry points of your home. Each sensor inside your home will communicate with the control unit once it detects an individual entering the premises.

• Control unit

This unit serves as the central brain of your home security system. It handles the arming and disarming of your security system, the communication of each sensor installed at your home, the alarming sound when the motion sensor gets triggered, and where you can record what your security camera catches in its vision.

Our control unit features a touchpad for easy programming and navigation of your sensors. We also have an LCD monitor to view and watch the live feed or recorded footage of your camera.

• Motion sensors

When you arm your motion sensors, it creates an invisible zone in a specific area that, when it gets breached, sends a motion signal to the control unit and triggers the alarm to notify you that an intruder is inside your home.
• Security cameras

We have both wired and wireless security cameras available for your choosing. Depending on your preferred selection, they both function to monitor your surroundings to give you actual footage of your home.

Our security cameras can work in bright or dark places. It works on regular viewing in sunny areas and uses night vision for shady areas of your home. It also has a record function to look back if there was a home invasion that transpired during the whole day.

• Door and window sensors

These sensors are comprised of two parts and are installed adjacent to each other. Our experts will place one part of the sensor on the door frame and window sill, while the other part of the sensor will be installed on the main door and window. When both your door and window are closed, the two sensors join together, forming a secure connection.

If you arm your door and window sensors through your control unit and someone enters those entryways, it will break the secure connection and send a message to the control unit that a breach has occurred. The alarm will go off once this event happens.

• Alarm

Our alarms will alert you and alert your neighbors because of how loud our alarms sound when an intruder gets inside your home.

• Remote application

Our remote application protects your home when you’re on travel and work. Our experts will guide you on installing our application on your mobile device. Once you complete this process, you can function your control unit through your phone, and you can monitor everything that happens inside your home, even in a distant place.

If you have inquiries or need assistance in installing and configuring the best home security system, call us at 212-470-0194. At TM Security NYC, we will gladly assist you with our services to keep your home protected from unwanted guests.

Best Home Security System

Best Home Security System


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